Recreational Clubs

Private recreational clubs provide numerous amenities to their members and pop design group specializes in renovations and new builds including spa-like locker rooms, family locker rooms, banquet rooms, bowling alleys, restaurants, lounges, curling lounges, skating rinks, pools, golf clubs, pro-shops, golf simulators, wellness rooms, fitness facilities, banquet rooms, snack shacks etc.  ‘pdg’ recognizes that private clubs and facilities cater to many influential members. We pride ourselves in meeting their high standards by providing well thought out amenities with creative design and finishes, that meet the high demands of member traffic.

pop design group’s expertise and research for each sport/activity ensures the best product for each application is implemented, while still achieving the desired look with the required functionality.  Call us to discuss your project today!

The Glencoe Club

Calgary, Alberta
300,000 + sq.ft
New Construction and Renovation

        • Wellness Centre
        • Family Locker Room
        • Family Locker Room
        • Men's Locker Room
        • Pool Concession
        • Curling Lounge
        • Curling Lockers
        • Office Administration
        • Pro Shop
        • The Grille Room
        • Daycare
        • Bowling Alley
        • Spin and Fitness Studios
        • Golf Simulator Lounge
        • Various Corridors and Flex Rooms


The Glencoe Golf and Country Club

Calgary, Alberta
36,000 + sq.ft.
New Construction and Renovation

        • Men's and Women's Locker Rooms
        • Public Washrooms
        • Banquet Room
        • Common Areas