pop design group inc. 
is an international, full-service, commercial, interior design agency located 
in Calgary Alberta, serving western North America and Central America


Interior Design and Architectural Services

“live the life you’ve imagined”
Henry David Thoreau

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us...

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We dream your dream – from your visual identity to your targeted dream client

Our goal is to bring your dreams to fruition. Whether you have a specific design vision, or a general feeling of how you want your clients impacted when they walk into your space, we will develop, enhance, target, and create your vision with you.

Receive the respectful, caring service and detailed project completion that has earned us an A+ rating

We’re proud to provide exceptional customer service and open communication – every time. We're open, honest, and we truly care about your business. Combine our excellent A+ BBB score with what our customers are saying about us, and you'll see why choosing pop design group is the right choice.

Enjoy the talent of the whole team – together we’ll create and enhance your project 

We’re a team that feeds off each other’s talent and experience. From design development to implementation, we work together to bring you the best of the design world in layout, purpose, and style. Our principal and 23-year design veteran Julie, personally oversees each project ensuring you get the talent of the whole team, starting with our founder.

No matter what the size of the project, we give value for the dollar

At pop design group, we work with budgets from $10,000 up to multi-million dollar projects. No matter what the scope of the project, we aren’t happy until our clients are happy! We will never be the cheapest designers out there, nor the most expensive. We give value for the dollar. We aren’t the designers who will spend $20,000 on one light fixture when a beautiful alternative can be had for a tenth of the cost. We want to make sure your construction budget goes as far as possible.

As structurally solid as it is beautiful, our architectural expertise sets us apart in the commercial design world

From 3D renderings to construction drawings, we provide quality products. Before construction starts, you have a visual display of our design, making sure the final product is what you desire. Our plans are detailed and accurate, minimizing project delays and ensuring everyone from construction to electricians clearly understand and implement the agreed upon design.

Attract your target customer with a functional and beautiful atmosphere and design

We create spatial designs that are tailored to your business desires and needs. From medical, commercial, multi-family, recreational, hospitality, restaurants, and beyond, our extensive experience and expertise turns your vision into reality. We understand your needs as thoroughly as you do, and use this understanding to draw in your desired clients through tailored design.

Harmonious, decisive project management that drives your venture to completion – on schedule and on budget

Through engagement and transparency, we learn, highlight, then fulfill your unique design needs. We keep you involved and aware throughout the process, while keeping the stress and detail management on us. Our unique ability to work harmoniously with everyone involved in the process ensures your project stays on schedule and on budget.

Creativity and talent that maximizes your budget

Our clients love our willingness to manufacture one-of-a-kind, tailored creations for their spaces. We bring the best of the design world to you on budget. If that means designing and custom manufacturing the right piece, we will gladly do that. We also have an excellent reputation for being cutting edge. Our reps often come to us first with new, stylish, avant-garde products. We're always advanced in both style and products.

Active and organized, we bring our energy and drive to all aspects of your project – including permit acquisition

Our projects are organized to the finest detail in design and process. This includes applying, verifying, and reapplying if necessary for the relevant permits. We do everything possible to keep your project running smoothly, and we’re very good at it.

Through our extensive experience in commercial design, we bring qualified, proven connections to the job

pop design group works with the best manufacturers, plumbers, electricians, builders and contractors. Our connections have earned our trust, and we’ve earned theirs through clarity, respect and quality. Thanks to our reach across Canada and the United States, including our work with HGTV, we truly do have a large circle of trusted people who help us deliver an outstanding new space.

Use our expertise to make sure you lease, buy, or build the right space for you

If you’re thinking about securing a new location, we’ll gladly meet you at the proposed site. We will often have one of our General Contractors meet us as well. This way, we can get a solid understanding of what needs to be done. Then we can properly evaluate the existing space and discuss any potential concerns before you sign the lease.

Pop Design Team

pop design group has completed numerous projects for both The Glencoe Club and the Glencoe Golf & Country Club over the past 7 years...
"All the projects have had a very unique but appropriate design aspects that bring a contemporary flair as well as a balance to 
the traditions and history of our private Clubs. Julie and Gord are both very experienced and talented designers that focus on our specific needs as well as providing the detail that is needed to accurately tender and construct a project on schedule and on budget. I am very pleased, as are our members, with all aspects of the work that pop design group has completed for our Clubs." 
Greg Lundmark, CCM, CCE, Chief Executive Officer, The Glencoe Club 


Collaborating with PDG is always a positive experience...
"We know we can rely on the team 100%, for their always-impressive creativity, attention-to-detail and absolute professionalism. Julie, Gord and the PDG design team take the time to understand our business, and from there, design ideal solutions tailored exactly to our needs - on time, on budget, and to an exceptionally high-quality. A pleasure to work with, PDG are a team of 
experts that we've counted on to be inventive, responsive and fully-engaged." 
Darren Robinson, General Manager, Kananaskis Country Golf Course