pop design group inc. (’pdg’) is a full service interior architectural studio for new construction and remodeling projects. We space plan all the walls and furniture layouts inside a building, turning your vision into a reality. Our success stories include: Single Family and Multi-Family Design, Seniors’ Living and Health Care, Corporate Office, Medical Office, Recreational Facilities, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Hospitality and Retail.

We have a six stage design process (1) preliminary design, (2) design development, (3) construction drawings, (4) tender documents, (5) construction administration, and (6) implementation.

Preliminary Design

We meet with our Clients to determine their needs and requirements. We measure the existing space and put “as-builts” on to AutoCAD. Then we space plan and lay out all of the requirements in a functional and creative manner for our Clients’ review and comment.

Design Development

Once the floor plan has been approved, we then design the rest of the space, including wall, flooring and ceiling details. All of the interior finishes will be selected at this point, including floor finishes such as carpet, hardwood and tile, wall finishes, fabrics, paint, plumbing and lighting fixtures. If required, we provide 3D renderings to assist with the visualization of how the design will ultimately look.

Construction Drawings

Once the final design has been approved, we turn all of the design and details in to our construction drawings and written specifications. There also may be some coordination involved with Architects, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Consultants as well as experts such as Kitchen Consultants. Once the construction drawings have been completed, they are submitted to The City for permit approval.

Tender Documents

After the drawing package is ready, we tender these drawings out to several General Contractors for bidding. We do this to ensure that projects have been competitively priced.

Construction Administration

Following the award of the project to the General Contractor, we are involved during the construction phase to ensure that our design is constructed as per our drawings and specifications, as well as to ensure quality control. During this phase, we are available to answer any questions and to make sure that projects stay on schedule. Upon completion, pdg’s team does a final inspection to give our stamp of approval.


pdg custom selects all furniture, lamps, artwork (paintings, sculptures & photography), window coverings, accessories, and lifestyle elements.  Each of our unique signature projects is something that Pop Design Group takes pride in, as we have realized our Clients’ dream.

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